A tale of three Supers

One of these things is not like the others…

From NRA 2010
From NRA 2010
From NRA 2010

From left to right you have a Taurus PT1911 in .38 Super, a Colt Combat Government in .38 Super, and finally a S&W1911DK .38 Super. The Taurus is rather silly looking with it’s crazy gold accents, but it also carries a $600 price tag, while the other two guns carry $1k+ tags on them. And hey, you can get the Taurus without the gold accents on it, but there’s a part of me that kind of wants a ridiculous pimp gun and shoot it at Single Stack and ESP (since it’s a .38 Super). It’s okay to shoot a silly gun with gold accents…as long as you win.

The Colt Combat has an MSRP of around $1800, the Taurus is about $800 (with a much lower street price), and finally the S&W comes in around $2600.  If I had unlimited cash though, I’d buy the 1911DK in a heartbeat. BJ Norris runs one in Single Stack competition, and (in my opinion) the 1911 is actually better in .38 Super than it is in .45 ACP.


  1. Actually, with all the drug stuff going on in Mexico, a gold accented .38 makes sense… Can’t folks with “proper permits” there can have non-military caliber firearms?

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