On the ground in Charlotte

SayUncle and Sebastian are both on the ground in Charlotte at the NRA Annual Meetings.  JayG rolled out yesterday for the 14 hour haul from Mass-town and should be hitting the floor today.

I’ll be hitting the road this afternoon; the unfortunate nature of my schedule means I have to magically compress a three day show in to a single day on Saturday.  I have a sneaking feeling I’m going to be wicked tired come Saturday evening!

Here are my “must hits” for the show, some of this is stuff I want to see, and other stuff is “by popular demand”:

  • The Ruger SR9c – I get 100 hits for this every day, might as well handle it.
  • The S&W Booth.  If they let me, I’m going to make a pile of all the revolvers and roll around in them.
  • The Kahr/Auto Ordnance booth: by popular request, people want to see some Tommy guns.
  • The STI Spartan: STI has their budget priced 1911 available, and I really want to play with one.  Available in .45 and 9mm for around $600 it practically sreams “shoot me”.
  • Crimson Trace – duh.

There’s so much more I want/need to hit during the single day I’ll be there.  Again, if you see me on the show floor, stop me and say hi!  I’d love to meet as many fans of gun nuts as possible!