Proper Follow-through

ToddG explains exactly what follow-through in pistol shooting is.  I confess, I always thought follow through was what he terms as “recovery”, bringing the pistol back on line after the shot is fired.  His definition of follow-through, i.e. seeing the front sight lift is something I’d always just rolled in to “shooting”.  But he is right through – if you see your front sight lift after firing a shot, you’ve called that shot and you know where your bullet is going to hit.  I can’t do this all the time; but it’s something I practice.  Every time I’ve had a great performance at the range, I’ve been able to see the sights lift on every shot and know exactly where my hits were.

Learning to call your shots is all about repetition.  Shoot slowly and watch the front sight; as you get better at tracking the front sight you can push yourself faster and faster – you reach a point where you get used to using the flash sight picture, then the gross sight picture.  It’s actually pretty awesome if you log your performances to compare how you shot 2 years ago to how you shoot after focused practice.

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  1. This sounds like a great way of mechanically insuring follow-through! I’ve always thought of follow-through in pistol shooting in terms of follow-through in a golf swing.

    In golf, follow-through means you complete the swing properly despite hitting the ball, you don’t alter your stance or swing before, during, or after contact with the ball. You certainly don’t look up to see where the ball went; that’s your caddy’s job ^_^

    Just like in shooting, if you don’t follow-through in a golf swing, you’ll probably affect the trajectory of the projectile in one way or another.

    The Epiphany of The Front Sight improved my shooting 100%. The Epiphany of The Swing Follow-through did the same for my golf game.

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