1. CTAC is my personal favorite. The MTAC might be nice, but like the Crossbreed, it uses way too much slowly rotting cow skin for my tastes.

    I also had good luck with the Blade-Tech UCH when I carried a USP-45. It wasn’t quite as stable as the CTAC if I was getting up and down a lot, but it was a lot easier to put on and remove.

    However, with either, the “tuck” feature was a total gimmick and I was far better served with an untucked cover garment like a camp shirt. If you think you’re going to be able to conceal a 1911 under a tucked in T-shirt, I think you will be disappointed.

  2. I’ll second Weer’d with the Crossbreed Super Tuck.

    Leather back with Kydex shell – I use it for my Taurus PT145 and it is great.

  3. I’m looking at the Crossbreed online, and it looks like it uses a lot of leather precisely in the place where the leather will soak up a lot of sweat and moisture. The whole point of the rig is to have a holster that I can wear during the summer months under a tucked in polo shirt, which means I’m going to be sweating. I don’t want to have to buy a pocket gun…

  4. I like my crossbreed, though there are several similar designs that probably work as well. Kholster at the low end does a decent job, but I prefer horsehide as I tend to leak in the warmer months.

    A t-shirt, gun/holster and then dress/casual shirt tucked in over it works well. In the summer, I’ve been able to forgo the T-Shirt and tuck a polo over a 1911, with a little blousing, it works well.

    I like the leather/kydex hybrids as the leather is comfortable and the kydex holds it shape.

  5. I love my Comp-Tac MTAC. I’ve worn it year round for 2 years now and the leather is still in great shape. Can’t be beat for comfort, imo.

  6. I wear my crossbreed year round as well. I’m not sure where your bias against leather is coming from; mine has simply worn the inside face to a smooth shiny finish like a leather shoe. There is no actual structural wear, and I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t go on forever as it has.

    I wear it with a CZ-75B fullsize in .40 as well, so it is stressed just as much as with a 1911.

  7. Crossbreed is awesome! Another good one, for AIWB, is Suarez’s Ehud… Very nicely made.

    Wearing an undershirt takes care of sweat, but I dunno ’bout that for you in humid Indy…

  8. I’m rather fond of my Comp-Tac Infidel. With the tucker strut my SR-9 disappears under a tucked-in polo shirt, and with the belt loops in has zero movement when I just wear a long untucked tee-shirt.

  9. +1 on the CompTac. I have a CompTac Ghurka, and the offset strut stabilizes the heft of a full-size 1911. They discontinued the Ghurka, but an Infidel with the Ghurka strut looks like it would be just as good if not better.

  10. Hey, don’t forget the Shaggy and the Garrity AIWB holster that Todd G.’s been using…

    That is, if you want to do AIWB…

  11. Ask Tam what she thinks of her Versa Max 2. Yes, it’s all leather.
    I have a Crossbreed, MTAC, and Blade-Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster. The BT is the most radical, as the others have 2 belt loops. I’m still testing them to see which I like the best, but I can say that they each like different positions on my belt (which I don’t like). The all kydex BT is the easiest to reholster. The Crossbreed is the largest. The MTAC is thicker than the Crossbreed, and the clips feel a bit long and flimsy. The MTAC does have adjustable retention, while the Crossbreed doesn’t.
    More as I wear them more. Taking a shooting course soon, and will use them there.

  12. I wear the MTAC here in AZ during the summer, have for a couple years and the leather’s still good.

  13. Caleb,

    I’m also looking for a tuckable IWB and found this just the other day.


    It’s the link for Tucker Gun Leather’s “Silent Thunder”, a leather lined kydex IWB tuckable. Supposed to be much easier on your pistol’s finish.

    Haven’t found anyone I know that owns one yet but you have to admit it’s an interesting concept.


  14. I think I’m going to try a comp-tac for now, it seems like the best cross between “not a lot of leather” and concealability.

  15. My only gripe about the CTACs (and I own several) is that they can sometimes chafe the hell out of my leg, so that’s why I actually prefer more cowhide leather that the MTAC offers. I’ve applied moleskin on the back of all my CTACs and it does help, but does not completely eliminate the chafing problem.

    I have a tuckable IWB for my Bersa Thunder .380 but I just haven’t ever felt comfortable with that concealment method. I prefer an untucked dark t-shirt, and a thin hawaiian shirt over the t-shirt for one extra layer of concealment. The only piece I feel comfortable wearing a lighter t-shirt with is my Taurus 651 snub revolver. It’s butt is small enough that it conceals very well against my body and is indistinguishable from my remaining beer-gut 😉

  16. Another vote for the crossbreed.

    However, for hot weather, and deep concealment, the Galco Skyops works great with my commander length 1911.

    Crossbreed is my winter holster, the Galco is the summer holster.

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