Tactical Solutions .22LR Glock Upper – TSG-22

Tactical Solutions has rolled out their new website, and what’s the first thing to greet me? An ad for their new .22LR upper for Glock pistols. Pic courtesy TacSol's website I predict that this upper will sell like absolute hotcakes, as TacSol’s reputation for excellence in .22LR conversions will help drive customers to purchase their upper over others.

Tactical Solutions’ TSG-22 17/22 is a .22LR conversion for GLOCK® Safe Action® Pistols. Designed with more authentic training in mind, the TSG-22 is manufactured from 4140 steel giving the shooter a more traditional weight and feel.

  • 15 round polymer magazine
  • Last round hold open
  • Fits the GLOCK® models 17, 22, 34 and 35
  • Factory GLOCK® sights
  • 1-16” Twist chome moly steel barrel

I can’t wait for this to hit the market – talk about a great way to get inexpensive practice with your carry gun!


  1. The good news is it looks like they got rid of the external extractor that the AA unit uses. Having that little part meant that the AA kits wouldn’t fit some retention holsters.

    15 round magazines are also nice…

    I still wonder what the street price will be…

  2. Now, if only they also release one for the M&P9/40, we’ll be all set. Didn’t you post something about an impending 22 M&P back around SHOT?

    1. Oh man that would be super cool. I’m just glad to see someone other than AA offering this product for shooters. I IMMEDIATELY thought of the thousands of USPSA shooters that run Glock 34s and Glock 35s that can now get lower cost training.

  3. Now they just need conversion kits for the 19/23 and the 20/21 so I can get one.

  4. Just needs a threaded barrel…

    TacSol most def. has one available… From the SHOT show, there is a video of the prototype and they specifically discuss that.

    The G34/G35 is really just the same frame as a G17/22… You could always put an AA kit on one of ’em…

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