USPSA Area 5 Championship

I just put my entry in yesterday for the USPSA Area 5 Championship and there is still time for you to get yours in as well.  I’ll be shooting my 625 in Revolver Division on a Saturday and Sunday morning squad.  Saturday PM I’ll be taking pictures and video for an upcoming series of articles for publication.  There are 12 revolver shooters at this match, so it looks like I’ll have to work extra hard to not finish in last place!

I’m pretty excited about this match; I managed to land myself in a squad with a Grand Master revolver shooter – I plan on watching as much as I can as I’m trying to make the jump from IDPA revolver shooting to USPSA revolver shooting.  Since this is my first year of seriously shooting USPSA, I’m shooting 3 major matches this year to dry and drink from the firehose.  The only way to get better at any game is to continually challenge yourself, and throwing myself into the deep end of the pool is definitely going to force me to elevate my game.  Plus, shooting USPSA will only make me better at my favorite game, IDPA.

I’m looking forward to the Area 5 Championship in June – I need to hit the range and practice my reloads!


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