Gun Nuts Radio with George Hill of MadOgre.Com

That’s right, on tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio we’re going to be joined by George Hill of MadOgre.Com.  George has one of the oldest gun blogs online, and in addition to generally being a cool cat, is currently running for office in the State of Utah and is a co-founder of Crusader Weaponry.   George is also a frequent guest on Armed American Radio with our mutual friend Mark Walters.

George will be joining us live tonight at 9pm Eastern time at to talk about his candidacy, Crusader Weaponry, and whatever topics may come up.  We’ll also be taking guest calls at 347-539-5436, and of course you can always email the show at [email protected] to have your question read on the air.  Tonight’s show is going to be a good one – I’m personally excited to have George on as I’ve been reading MadOgre since I started reading gun blogs oh so many years ago.

That’s tonight at 9pm Eastern time on the BlogTalkRadio Network – listen live at!  Also, you can now connect to Gun Nuts Radio on Facebook!  Just click the link to join the page and receive all the latest firearms news and info while you’re browsing Facebook.  Don’t miss tonight’s show, live at 9pm Eastern time with George Hill!

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