Top Shot on the History Channel

The very first commercial for Top Shot aired last night during the premier of America: The Story of Us – it was probably 10:15-ish Eastern time when the commercial was show.  However, if you missed the first commercial, you can still see it because History posted the commercial on the Top Shot Facebook page.  Check it out!  I’m nearly giddy with excitement over the June 6th premier of the show, and I’ll definitely be posting about Top Shot as we get closer to the premier date and as the show airs.  Make sure to check back here for more info on Top Shot on the History Channel, but for now go watch the trailer.


  1. Looking forward to the show. Is there a list of the cast online somewhere? Some faces in the vid looked familiar, but there are probably others whose names I know but don’t recognize.

  2. Jeff, as far as I know History hasn’t posted an official cast list yet; I assume that now that commercials are airing that we’ll see something sooner than later.

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