Jessie Abbate sponsorship options

Paul Erhardt at DownRange.TV takes a look at where Jessie Abbate might end up now that she’s no longer with Team Glock.  He breaks it down from most likely to “not-gonna-happen” in the following order:

  1. Smith & Wesson
  2. Sig
  3. Springfield
  4. FNH
  5. Taurus (lolwut)
  6. HK
  7. Beretta
  8. CZ

Number 5 through 8 (Taurus through CZ) are pretty much “not going to happen”, although CZ is kind of a crazy wild card in that you have no idea what they’re going to do.  For example, in the US Production game, Glock is king, although the M&P is making a serious dent in that.  In IPSC-Europe, CZ is king – and although CZ really hasn’t gone after the American competition market like Glock has, you never know.

While he was pontificating, Paul also brought the funny:

The Illinois based company seems content to continue with Robbie Leatham as their standard bearer. Their lack of interest in other potential shooters, beyond Robbie’s wife Kippi of course, suggests they plan to stick with Robbie alone until the day when the battery on his electric wheelchair gives out.

I laughed.  In all seriousness though, Jessie Abbate being in the open market represents a huge opportunity for a gun company to lock up a lot of major titles each year.  Personally, I agree with Paul in that the smartest bet is the most obvious number 1 choice – Team Smith & Wesson.  They have spent the last couple of years establishing the largest team in competitive shooting, and picking up Jessie would give them an absurd 1-2 punch with Jessie and Julie Golob.

I’ll be following this as closely as possible, hopefully I can get you details as they come out!


  1. You know, this sounds like those fans who go on and on on sports radio about the ins and outs of the latest trade, free agency, and who is really the best QB.

    And, I’ve got to say, it holds just about the same interest to me, which is absolutely none.

    The “Leatham in a wheelchair” bit was funny though.

  2. they plan to stick with Robbie alone until the day when the battery on his electric wheelchair gives out.

    That, or Springfield introduces a line of single-ection .38’s and .44’s, coincidentally timed to debut the same day as TGO announces he’s switching to SASS… 🙂

  3. CZ’s lack of marketing frustrates me to no end, and I say this as a diehard CZ fan who’s got a gun in Angus’ shop as I type this.

    When Jeff Cooper decided to build his own pistol, he based it on the CZ, and CZ *should* have the same exalted status that Sig has in the LEO community. Springfield has done very well with selling pistols made in Croatia within the U.S., so it bemuses me that CZ can’t do similar.

  4. Trebor, let me suggest why this is more interesting than your usual sports chatter.

    Right now the NFL draft is underway and unless you are lucky you probably don’t know one of these players. It’s hard to get close to them so you follow at a distance.

    The shooting sports is entirely different. If you are a member of USPSA and attend one of the Area matches or the Nationals, you have a very good chance to meet and get to know not just Jessie, but Dave Sevigny, Julie Goloski, Randi Rogers, Jerry Miculek, Max Michel, Bob Vogel and on and on. The rock stars in our sport, that would be impossible to know in other sports, are totally accessible.

    Once you meet them, once you hang out with them, once you shoot with them, you begin to care about them and following them like this seems a lot less ridiculous compared to yelling at the TV because the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow.

  5. Erhardt,

    That is a very good point. The shooting sports are more “democratic” than “mainstream” sports and the “top guns” are more accesible, and that does make a difference.

    Well said.


  6. With Jessie and Julie at S&W, they would be not only positioned to dominate women’s competition, but to redefine women’s firearm marketing for the foreseeable future. Adding Kay Miculek to the formula gives S&W explosive potential.

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