Steyr 9mm AUG

I like pistol caliber carbines.  I do not as a general rule like bullpups.  That being said, I do want Steyr’s new AUG in 9mm.  The Firearm Blog has the details at the link, and I have to agree with Steve: this is a sexy looking gun.   That noted weakness for pistol caliber carbines is acting up again, and I can definitely say that this would be a pretty awesome addition to my home defense arsenal.  Despite my noted dislike for bullpups, I like that the gun has a 16.5 inch barrel on it…but the OAL is nice and short.  Pistol caliber carbines make good home defense guns in my opinion, and the short OAL of this gun would make it easy to swing around indoors.  Hopefully it will be available in the States…and it won’t take absurdly expensive proprietary magazines.


  1. Looks a lot more compact than my RRA 9mm AR15.

    Lead reloaded bullets + Cproducts 30 round magazines = Whole lot of plinkin for cheap.

    Of course the AUG is gonna cost something like $1700, right?

  2. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t get one of these in a rifle caliber instead. Recoil? Noise? Penetration of the 5.56 round is obviously greater, but even your 9mm Luger is going to go through dozens of drywalls sheets before slowing anyhow.

    I post this pretty much every time you bring up pistol-caliber carbines. Sorry to be dense, but I just. don’t. get it.

  3. Primarily, 9mm is cheaper to practice with. Honestly though, I don’t have a lot of logical reasons for liking pistol caliber carbines, I just do. They’re pleasant to shoot, quite accurate, and cheap to feed. Sort of like a souped up .22 rifle.

  4. Fair enough. I must admit, I’ve never actually *shot* one. So I’ll have to head down to my local range and see if I can snatch one to try.

    And, I suppose, .45ACP has a pretty good record out of a carbine barrel….hmm…

  5. 9mm carbines have also put a goodly number of folks in the dirt as well. I definitely would not feel underarmed going to a gunfight with a 9mm AR and several 30 round mags.

  6. We already have the 9mm Calico carbine which is a pretty decent unit.

    Then you have things like the Kel-Tec Sub2000 and Beretta Cx4 Storm. (I have both, but, prefer the Cx4 with the after market trigger)

    I saw an PM-11/9 converted to bull-pup a few years back. Owner did the job himself and started with a “rifle” version. Trigger still sucked, but, its what he had.

    Then of course there is the now defunct Ruger PC9/PC40 carbines which never really took off.

    Lastly, is the Hi-Point carbine, often sold with the ATI stock to make owners feel like they are using a Cx4. Its rude, crude, and reliable. But, with only a 10rd mag.

    The Steyr doesn’t do anything for me that a half dozen other companies have already done for 1/2 the price.

  7. I have the same WANTWANTWANT for pistol caliber carbines, but mostly because I don’t have one at all right now. I agree that there are other “just as good” options for home defense, however, running the same ammo as my carry gun (and even, depending on the combo, the same magazines) is a Good Thing (TM).

    I am trying to decide what to get though… AR, Hi-Point, Beretta Cx4, Calico, Uzi, Sterling, Marlin Camp, MasterPiece Arms, Auto-Ordinance Thompson, Kel Tec Sub2000, KRISS, (Marlin/Rossi/Puma/etc) lever-action .38/.357mag.

    Now I have to consider the Steyr too. It sure does look sexy.

    So, am I missing any in that list?

  8. Me personally I’d go with the Beretta out of all of those – but that’s not for any reason other than I enjoy feeling like I’m getting ready to go smoke from frakkin’ Cylon toasters.

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