USPSA Area 6 Championship Results

As mentioned below, the USPSA Area 6 Championship wrapped up this weekend.  The match had been referred to as a “mini-nationals” by a lot of the shooters, and the final standings also looked like what you’d expect at a Nationals.  See the final scores at USPSA’s website.  Here’s a breakdown of the big winners and some special categories.

  • Limited: Bob Vogel
  • Limited Lady: Lisa M.
  • Limited-10: Tod L.
  • Open: Max Michel
  • Open Lady: Jessie Abbate
  • Production: Dave Sevigny
  • Production Lady: Randi Rogers
  • Revolver: Jerry Miculek
  • Single Stack: Cliff B.
  • Single Stack Lady: Julie Golob

Congratulations to all the winners from the match and to all the shooters as well.  The results breakdown is interesting when you look at it, there are fascinating tidbits in the whole match.  Bob Vogel, one of the top Production shooters in the world blew the field away in Limited shooting a Glock 24 that put him at a 1-2 round disadvantage with his magazines; that didn’t seem to slow him down at all.

However, the biggest news from this match is Jessie Abbate leaving Team Glock and the speculation on where she’s going to land.  Sig has been making major moves on shooters lately and is building a serious team, she could end up with the Yankees Team S&W (I kid S&W), it’s a wide open game. But Jessie wasn’t the only female shooter making waves this weekend – as Paul noted at the Downrange.TV blog, Julie Golob used the match to warm up for the upcoming Single Stack Nationals using her new Pete Single S&W Pro Series 9mm 1911.  That 9mm means minor powerfactor scoring in Single Stack, and yet Julie finished as the High Lady in Single Stack and most impressively 5th overall in Single Stack division, shooting 94% of the match winner’s score.

Big thanks to Paul Erhardt from DownRange.TV for his live coverage of the match which kept me up to speed all weekend!