Speaking of STI

Shooter’s Connection has the STI GP6-C in stock for $745.  Having never shot one of these personally I can’t honestly say how good or bad it is as a gun, but I’m a sucker for Bo-Mar style sights and fiber optic front sights.  The one thing I can tell you is that no Top-10 Production shooter in USPSA or Stock Service Pistol in IDPA uses one.

But they’re still cool, and for $750 for a competition ready gun that’s a hard deal to beat.  Plus, STI is pretty well regarded in the competition community.  The biggest disadvantage to this gun is that you have to manually lower the hammer before each string of fire to get that first double action shot.  If you’re doing that in a match, it would behoove you to inform the safety officer of your plans before you stick your finger in the trigger guard.


  1. There was an article in the IDPA magazine about it a while back. As soon as I saw that it was a DA/SA gun with no decocker I dismissed it. Why would you want to risk a DQ on every stage?

  2. This is a cool/interesting gun.

    I personally think the absence of a decocker is a good thing. For USPSA/IDPA, if you want to shoot prod/ssp you only have to decock ~5 times for a local match. Or keep it cocked and locked and shoot it in ESP or limited steel challenge (very competitive for both). The other plus of this gun is you are eligible for contingency money.

  3. Let me guess: Like Wilson and others, STI found a foreign maker whose product’s MSRP could be doubled with a bit of judicious laser etching? Turks, perhaps?

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