1. Bwahahah! Thanks caleb, I needed a laugh after my last meeting.

    I’ve been griping about paying $0.40 a round.

  2. It ain’t April Fool’s Day yet. I thought that link would go to a site about government purchasing.

  3. His wife probably told him to get rid of some of that ammo in the closet. 😉

  4. His other auctions have non-insane prices. I’m guessing either this one was a joke, or it was a typo from $99.99.

  5. Where do you see $1000.00 on there? All I see is “0 bids” and “Started at $147.00”.

    At just under $0.50 a round, that’s actually cheaper than what the local range has been asking for the last year or so by about $0.15 per round.

    I’d still never pay that. But I don’t see anything there that ridiculous.

  6. It looks like all the attention on the auction site caused him to fix the auction. I apologize for calling him stupid.

  7. Still expensive. See:

    Steel cased (Wolf/Tula) is not terrible. Brass cased can be had for under $0.40 after shipping.

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