5 inch Glock 21

I don’t remember to whom I was talking about this the other day, but there was a lament on the lack of a 5 inch barrel/slide combo for the Glock 21 (the .45 ACP).  Glock offers the 9mm and .40 S&W cartridge with 5 inch tubes on the Glock 34 and 35 platform respectively, but there isn’t a factory version of the .45 ACP Glock with a long slide.

Thanks to the internet, I learn something new every day – today it was the existence of Lone Wolf slides and barrels for Glocks, specifically the G21L slide and the G21T slide.  The G21L slide is the same length as the slide provided with the Glock 24 and 17L models and requires a 6 inch barrel; the G21T slide is the same length as the slide on the G34 and G35 and requires a 5.15 inch barrel.  All your factory Glock parts fit inside the bare slide, and they’re compatible with all current manufacture G21 and G21 SF frames.

Now, there’s absolutely no reason to put one of these slide/barrel combos on your Glock if you’re only shooting it for concealed carry and personal defense.  However, if you were running a Glock as a competition gun, I’d get the 5 inch slide and barrel, I’d buy an Advantage Arms .22 LR kit for the 21, I’d get all the necessary parts so that I could just swap the 4 and 5 inch uppers back and forth, and finally I’d send the gun to SouthPaw Custom to have a Sevigny Speedway done.  Then I’d buy another Glock 21SF and s boatload of mags and never ever buy another handgun again, because I’d be able to do EVERYTHING with that gun/slide combo.


  1. Now let’s get real, none of us can ever make the statement that “I’d never buy another handgun again” no matter how good a combo is. After all, boys need toys.

  2. “because I’d be able to do EVERYTHING with that gun/slide combo.”

    Except shoot production with a 5″ gun or be competitive in limited (capacity). What divisions in what sports could you run a 5″ 21? It’d be competitive in IDPA CDP, and you could run it in USPSA limited maybe (isn’t there a rule about 500 of them being produced?) at a capacity disadvantage.

  3. Ah, I didn’t think about L10. I personally hate L10 because it reminds me of the *hack spit* AWB. If I want major PF and lots of loading, I’ll shoot single stack.

  4. “because I’d be able to do EVERYTHING with that gun/slide combo.” Except shoot revolver games….you know, like the shooting you’re doing now! ; ]

  5. A … magwell? For a … Glock 21?

    Have you SEEN a Glock 21? The magwell is big enough for a family of four and parking for their minivan. If you can’t quickly get a magazine in a stock G21 magwell, you need to go back to shooting spinny guns.

    I’m still shaking my head at spending $1500+ to make marginal improvements to a $500 gun. WTF, dude. Were you not loved as a child or something?

  6. pdb, what’s your shot to shot reload time on a G21?

    One a stock G22, my reload times are Shot-to-Shot (7yd A-zone hits) ~1.6 seconds +- .05 seconds.

    My glock’s grip is pretty beat up from missed downloads, tho.

    A funnel, while not production legal, wouldn’t add much speed, as much as ensure consistency – you can be a bit sloppier and don’t need to watch the mag all the way in… Even GM’s average a ~1.5 s reload (shot-to-shot).

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