Congressman Dan Burton on Gun Nuts Radio tonight!

Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm Eastern time I’m extremely pleased to welcome Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana to the show.  Congressman Burton will be joining us tonight to discuss his re-election bid and the tough primary fight he’s in; we’ll also be discussing his advocacy on behalf of the three Navy SEALs facing court martial, gun laws at the national and Indiana level, and of course getting the Congressman’s thoughts on governmental over-spending, health care reform, and other topics.  If you have a question you’d like me to ask the Congressman, please email it to me at [email protected] and I’ll read your question on the air.

That’s tonight at 9pm Eastern time on the BlogTalkRadio Network at – join us!

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  1. Caleb, I hate to see you gone for a month, but when you come back, please turn up the gain on your mic 5. It is so quiet and so much quieter than any guests you have. This is not new and it is consistent week to week.

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