1. The sniper scene is really phenomenal too!!

    The fact that the incoming round arrives before the report does. The immense, intense concentration that excludes reacting to the fly that is wandering in and out of your mouth. The mental toughness that is long distance shooting.

    It really is one of the more edge of your seat moments in a very intense movie.

    Well worth seeing!!


  2. Unfortunately, that scene is one of the weakest parts of the movie. Doesn’t enhance the plot, and you see the Barrett being used by troops who have no reason to have been trained on it, or in long range shooting generally. I could overlook the latter if the scene had been necessary to the story, and I could have enjoyed it on its own in a movie about snipers, but putting a sniping scene in a movie about EOD is an unnecessary aside.

  3. Is it really that hard to shoot a Barret at the ranges in the movie? I’ve never shot one, and have no formal long distance training, but suspect I could operate a M107 just fine in a pinch. The concepts of bullet-drop and windage aren’t exactly mysterious in the call-of-duty age, and the characters do expend a good deal of ammunition before they hit anything.

  4. Wouldn’t they be trained on the big Barret for shooting at ordinance? I seem to remember somewhere that Navy EOD guys kept Barrets handy for shooting at undetonated ordinance. Besides, it wasn’t their gun, I think it was the Mercs’ gun. That seen was odd, indeed, didn’t really see how it fit into the movie but it was cool none the less.

  5. It was pretty weak, especially in light of both the interaction with the contractors and the abandoning of weapons more suited to the engagement — radios and Ma on the Humvee.

    Ah, well. Movies. Hollywood. You know the deal.

  6. Agreed on the inconsistency of that scene. It was out of place story wise and operationally. Allowed them to use Ralph Fiennes in the promos though.

    I had a really hard time once I realized they were taking much more accurate fire from a guy using a 30 cal AK based platform. Seriously? A 30 cal with whatever sights vs a 50 BMG with top flight optics? This is supposed to be nail biting?

  7. “Besides, it wasn’t their gun, I think it was the Mercs’ gun.”

    Mercs? I thought they were UK SAS?

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