Smith & Wession 2010 IDPA Indoor Nationals Results

All is quiet now up in Massachusetts as the guns have fired their last rounds at the 2010 IDPA Indoor National Championship sponsored by Smith & Wesson.  Here’s a full breakdown of the winners by division:

  • Custom Defensive Pistol: David Olhasso, Master 158.35 (31)
  • Enhanced Service Pistol: Robert Vogel    Master 144.85 (29)
  • Stock Service Pistol: Dave Sevigny    Master 167.17 (68)
  • Enhanced Service Revolver: Jerry Miculek    Master 188.18 (44)
  • Stock Service Revolver: Josh Lentz    Master 201.24 (55)
  • High Lady: Randi Rogers    SSP – Master 200.33 (63)

The full match results are here for anyone that wants to take a look.  As far as my picks go, I had David Olhasso repeating in CDP, Todd Jarrett winning ESP, Dave Sevigny winning SSP, Jerry (of course) winning ESR and Craig Buckland winning SSR.  So I went 3 out of 5 on my picks, as Bob Vogel smoked everyone in every division.  The next closest guy to Bob’s time was David Olhasso, a full 14 seconds back.

Speaking of David Olhasso, this is the second year straight he’s won Custom Defensive Pistol with a Smith & Wesson M&P .45.  I know that makes the 1911 guys cry, but it really does seem that the day of the 1911 as the king of competition pistols is slowly coming to an end.  In USPSA, you’re seeing more and more Glocks and XDs in Limited and Limited 10, and when the new .40 S&W M&P Pro comes out, that will definitely make a dent as well.

Over to revolver division, in what amounts to “no surprise”, Jerry repeats as ESR champion winning his 1,932,221st revolver title and finishing almost 30 seconds ahead of second place.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair, because you can go out and shoot the very best match of your life with perfect splits and reloads so fast your hands go forward in time…and still lose to Jerry Miculek.  In Stock Service Revolver, I did have Craig Buckland to win it, however he was upset by Josh Lentz by about 13 seconds.

Smith and Wesson have uploaded a boatload of photos to their Facebook page so you can get a look at some of the awesome match action.  To round out the “professional shooter” finishes, Todd Jarrett came in 2nd in ESP behind Bob Vogel, a category which also included Scott Warren of Warren Tactical.   In Stock Service Pistol, all around good guy Phil Strader finished 5th while looking cool.

As usual, the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championships brought out some of the biggest talents and fastest triggers in the shooting sports!  Congratulations to all the winners, and my most sincere apologies to 1911 fans on the continued slow death of your beloved platform.  For more match pictures, check out the Action Shooting Podcast.