Gun Nuts last night: Indiana Politics and Luke Messer

We were pleased to be joined by Luke Messer on last night’s Gun Nuts Radio, where we discussed his run to unseat incumbent Representative Dan Burton in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District, as well as a couple of interesting news topics including the recent resignation of Evan Bayh from the US Senate.  Click here for the full episode and some insightful commentary on the state of government in both Indiana and the US at large.  The episode is also available in .mp3 format for ease of listening.

Luke is a candidate in the tight 5th District primary, and as he mentioned on last night’s show is seeking to bring some new blood to Washington, DC to represent Indiana.  You can hear the candidate in his own words describe himself and his main opponent, Dan Burton by clicking the link for Gun Nuts Radio with Luke Messer.  The show is also available for download on Gun Nuts Host - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed by clicking the button.

Big thanks to the guests and sponsors of last night’s show – the race for Indiana’s 5th District represents on a small scale what’s happening nationwide with this election, namely a wave of anti-incumbent sentiment. Dan Burton has been a reliable friend to Indiana gun owners, so it’s interesting to see if this wave will sweep him up as well.

Speaking of Dan Burton, in two weeks time on March 9th, he’ll be joining us live on Gun Nuts Radio! This is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to interview a sitting US Representative, and I’m personally proud that we were approached by Rep. Burton’s staff about an interview. March 9th will be a great show, and a great opportunity to hear what a long term Congressman has to say on multiple issues! Don’t miss Gun Nuts Radio, every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern time – your number 1 source for shooting sports news and info, and an insider look at Indiana politics!


  1. F.Y.I. Evan Bayh did not resign from the United States Senate. He is still a member. What he did was to say that he would not seek reelection.

  2. I only found your blog tonight at 10pm. I would have submitted a question for Rep Burton.
    Did he explain why The Humane Society of the US, (HSUS), honored him with an award for being a “humane legislator”? The HSUS is an “animal rights” group with an anti-hunting agenda. It seems out of character for Rep Burton to be in with HSUS, but here is the link:

    To go straight to the list of recipients:
    If you get a follow up at some time, ask that for me.

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