Smith & Wesson 2010 IDPA Indoor Nationals

The squads are set for the 2010 IDPA Indoor National Championship, and the field is absolutely stacked this year with top guns.  Stock Service Pistol has Dave Sevigny and Phil Strader squaring off, Enhanced Service Pistol features Bob Vogel, Todd Jarrett, and Mike Seeklander, and David Olhasso looks likely to repeat as Custom Defensive Pistol champion.  The revolver divisions are equally packed, with Jerry Miculek being the favorite to repeat as Enhanced Service Revolver champion, but with John Bagakis in the field that’s not guaranteed.  In Stock Service Revolver, the smart money is on Craig Buckland to wrap up his third straight win, but with three other Master-class SSR shooters, anything could happen.

Smith and Wesson puts on an absolutely top-flight match each year, featuring complex low light stages involving plenty of movement, and plenty of rounds downrange.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to Mass. next year for the 2011 match, but in the meantime make sure to check back here for updates from the match as fast as I can get them.  First rounds go downrange on Thursday, and Gun Nuts will be banging out the updates as fast as the bullets.


  1. I’m shooting Friday, same day as the revolver super-squad. I’ll try and post an update from my phone on the way home.

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