Indiana Residents: Contact your State Senators

Alright guys and girls – we’ve been following the progress of two important pieces of legislation in the State of Indiana: HB 1065 and HB 1068.  These bill head in to the State Senate this week after being successfully passed out of the Indiana House two weeks ago.  Here’s a quick breakdown of what this bills support.

  • HB 1065: Parking lots and Emergency Powers – this bill would allow law abiding Indiana gun owners to store their legally owned and carried firearms in their vehicles at the parking lots of their places of employment.  It would prevent anti-gun companies from interfering with our right to protect ourselves to and and from work.  Additionally, this bill has “Emergency Powers” language, i.e. “Katrina bills” that would prevent the government from seizing legally owned firearms in a state disaster.
  • HB 1068: Gun Permit Database bill – this bill closes access to the Indiana Handgun Permit Database to Law Enforcement only; this would prevent criminals from gaining access to the database and using it as a roadmap to steal guns or to victimize houses that they knew to be unarmed.

To contact your state Senator, click on this link to find your district and your Senator.

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