Gun Nuts Radio: A RINO revealed?

Judge for yourself whether last night’s guest on Gun Nuts Radio, Dr. John McGoff is in fact a Republican In Name Only.  That accusation was leveled by some in the chat room after hearing his plans for health insurance and his stance on denying guns to people on the terror watch list.

However, it’s up to you to decide for yourself, and to do that you need to download last night’s Gun Nuts Radio featuring former Marion County Coroner, National Guardsman, and emergency medical practitioner Dr. John McGoff.  Dr. McGoff was kind enough to join us last night to clear his name after allegations had arisen about him being anti-gun in the previous primary race against sitting Representative Dan Burton.  Now faced with at least three NRA “A” rated competitors this time around, Dr. McGoff came to Gun Nuts Radio to clear his name and establish himself as a defender of the 2nd Amendment.  You can hear all of last night’s interview at this link, or click for an .mp3 version.  As always, the show is available on Gun Nuts Host - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed by clicking the button.

Dr. McGoff was a great guest, and well spoken on his views on healthcare, national security, and gun rights. It’s up to you, listeners and voters in Indiana to check out last night’s interview with Dr. John McGoff and decide for yourselves.


  1. About the terror watch list & bans on gun sales to those folks. What due process is involved in these proposals? Suppose your name gets added to a terror watch list, your 2nd amendment rights are revoked. The only way that should happen is if you are convicted of a felony in a court of law. Any other scenario where a persons gun rights are infringed is or should be ruled unconstitutional. Anyone who supports that kind of legislation will never get my vote. Period.
    Terrorist have a world wide network, and access to boatloads of former Communist bloc weaponry. A law like that won’t stop them, and it will infringe on peacable citizens. Disagree? Show me the stats on how many terrorists bought guns used in their attacks in American gun shops. I won’t hold my breath waiting on that microscopic figure, but you get the point, or at least you should.


    Another thing about the situation in relation to that DHS domestic terror report. It doesn’t take any foil hats or a good imagination to speculate about what could happen at some point down the line if some variation of a watch list ban on sales gets passed.
    You don’t have to be Burt Gummer to know that there is an element within the left that would glady put their most vocal political opponents on such a list.

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