Gun Control in action

Remember Indiana State Representative Vernon Smith?  The guy whose crass antics in opposition to Indiana HB 1065 showed his true colors as a completely partisan product of Chicago-Machine politics.

Well, thanks to the diligence of the Indiana House, now you can watch his antics on video.  Rep. Smith’s little playacting routine starts at 1:43:59 (1 hour, 43 minutes) so you’ll have to skip ahead on the video quite a bit…unless you enjoy watching legislative procedure.  Here are the notes on his shenanigans from my inside man:

1:43:59 — Enter Rep. Vernon Smith

1:44:15 — pulls gun out of his coat

1:46:05 — guns give “false courage”, pulls out the “manly” card and how men may “want our dogs and our guns”…a little reminiscent of Obama’s “cling to guns and religion” jab

1:47:00 — tells story of college dance and how he got picked on and “wished for my gun”

1:48:15 — talks about how many times you have a gun available “you don’t think”…”you let your gun…think for you”

1:48:32 — “I know this bill’s gonna pass”; “this is indeed an NRA state”; “I pledge allegiance, not to the flag, but to the NRA”

It’s almost sad that this sort of behavior is what passes for “legislative action”, or that it’s even considering borderline acceptable for a person to act that way. Much to the credit of the rest of the Indiana House, you don’t even hear as much as a chuckle over Vernon Smith’s grandstanding antics.

The happy ending to this story of course is that the bill passed the House, and is headed to the Senate. Despite Vernon Smith playing the part of the village idiot, it appears that HB 1065 is on its way to success and Gov. Daniels’ signature.


  1. this guy is completely ignorant…. he does nothing but show that he has no self control, he father had no self control, and he blames the gun and not the PERSON THAT PULLED THE TRIGGER!!!!!
    a gun laying on a table will do nothing more than continue laying on the table, it wont spontaneously jump up and start shooting people…. same thing goes for when its in my holster on my side, its not going to jump out of my holster and start spitting bullets and brass….

    what a typical ass

  2. What a choad.

    And in the Gary S.S.R., he’s bound to get reelected as long as the kleptocrats want him to be.

  3. Is there video of this moron and his rant anywhere else? The video will not play for me.

  4. Lamont, I’ve noticed the video doesn’t play right in FireFox. If you’ve got IE 7 installed it should work on that.

  5. Thanx Caleb, it worked. Now I gotta watch ’em all until i find the one he’s in. Now as for the statement of him wishing he had a gun because someone “picked” on him…we who support 2A don’t need that poison on our side, let him stay anti. I tend to think most, if not all 2A supporters have enough emotional strength to walk away in cases like that. The sad part of this is it’s people like him, in positions of power that say John E. Taxpayer should’nt have a firearm because “the sky is too blue”…but at the same time, somewhere in their home, or office, or car, or purse…there is a firearm.

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