There is nothing new under the sun

SpikeTV to do what they do best – take someone else’s idea and run with it.  I kid Spike and Orion Multimedia…mostly.  I’m just having a hard time imagining that whatever they put together is going to be better or more informative than The Best Defense.  Which by the way, I heartily recommend.  Rob, Mike, and Michael have put together a great product that basically amounts to a “must watch” for anyone serious about self-defense and concealed carry.

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  1. Spike needs to work Jill Wagner (the hot Mercury chick) into this project, perhaps as a co-host. She worked for Spike on the show “Blade the Series”, where she played a very tough gun chick. She is a shooter and gun owner in real life.

    Spike did a self promotional show called “Spike TV’s Women of Action” where the audience could vote for several of the networks female stars. Most of these women did interviews intercut with a bikini shoot. Jill won the vote, and she did it with an interview intercut with a machine gun shoot.

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