Reader questions

A reader emails:

“Caleb, I’ve taken the holidays and a good chunk of the winter off from shooter (so have I – ed) and I’m looking for a good way to refresh the fundamental skills before I start working back into the regular IDPA/USPSA practice.  Are there any drills you recommend?”

As a matter of fact, I do.  I’m actually headed to the range tomorrow to start breaking off the rust, as well as get some rounds downrange through a couple of guns from S&W.  I’m taking the Pistol-Training.Com Dot Torture targets with me for that.  Dot Torture is a great way to wake up your skills, especially if you’re shooting a DA revolver, as it requires a ton of focus and concentration on the trigger to hit those stupid little circles.

If you’ve taken some time off during the winter or holidays, you’re going to be rusty.  Don’t worry about it.  Do the dot torture test to the tune of 100/150 rounds or so, and you’ll start to get re-acquainted with your front sight real fast when you miss a 2 inch dot at 3 yards.


    1. Yeah, “wall torture” is a good one. Hold your muzzle about an inch from the wall, and do x numbers of dryfires without your muzzle moving from the spot on the wall. Repeat to failure.

  1. Dot Torture is great. It is torture though, no mistake about it. Had a very humbling experience with it just this Wednesday … stop jerking the trigger, stop jerking the trigger, damn it, stop jerking the trigger already!

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