Interview with Jeff Cooper

Michael Bane’s interview with Col. Cooper, shortly before his death in 2006.  If you have ever fired a pistol in an IPSC match, taken a practical pistol shooting course, or really even if you just carry a pistol for self defense, you owe at the very least a partial debt to the word done by Col. Cooper.


  1. Thanks for linking this. I’m simply awed by Col Cooper’s Genius. John Browning’s Genius perfected the handgun, Col Cooper Perfected the implementation of Browning’s design.

    Also I’m impressed at how many of the Colonel’s teachings can also be applied to those without guns. Just having a gun is a better option.

    He will be greatly missed, but the fact that our Grand Children will be talking about the long-dead Col, just like we talk about the long-dead John Browning proves that he has truly attained immortality.

  2. “you owe at the very least a partial debt to the word done by Col. Cooper.”

    Word. ….appropriate, that.

    Col. Cooper’s Commentaries are free for the reading on several places on the web. His books are widely available. Read them, if you are able. If you are not able to read, then it is likely you have a more pressing issue to attend to. If that is not the case, read them, for there is little practical difference between those who can not read, and those who don’t.

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