Inside the sausage factory

You may not know this, but the Indiana House and Senate record their sessions on video for posterity.  With all the furor over the recently passed pro-gun bills, I wanted to give you guys a quick look at how HB 1068 (the permit database bill) made it through the amendment process an to its eventual passage.  Notes are cribbed from my eyewitness source.  Here’s the link to the video itself.

3:08 HB 1068 called to the floor.

3:36 Rep. Yarde offers amendment to expand the amount of time you have to apply for a lifetime permit before your current permit expires from 6 mos to 12 mos before the expiration.

4:57 Rep. Peggy Welch (bill author) opposed amendment and explained the ISP’s preference that the time not be extended because of the backlog they’ll suffer trying to process the permits.

7:24 roll call amendment vote — passed and engrossed for third reading.

And that’s just part of how a bill becomes law!

Right now, both HB 1068 and HB 1065 are headed for the Indiana Senate. I strongly encourage all my Indiana readers out there to contact your Senators and urge them to support these important pieces of pro-gun legislation.


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