Apparently there was some kind of speech last night

I wouldn’t know, I was watching SWAT Magazine TV and the other fine programs on Outdoor Channel’s Wednesday Night at the Range.

However, I have heard anecdotally that President Obama wanted to “help” small business owners and “create more jobs” or something like that.  I have some advice for you, Mr. President from my lofty perch as a small business owner.  I mentioned this yesterday, but it bears repeating.


Seriously.  You want to pump some money in the economy?  Don’t take so much from businesses.  Small, medium, large, whatever – when you take money from us, that’s money that we cannot put into hiring new employees, spend on marketing, or growing our business.  And when our business don’t grow, the economy suffers.  This stuff isn’t hard, it doesn’t take a friggin’ econ degree (oh hey, what’s that on my wall, is that an econ degree?) to know that crippling private enterprise is a really bad way to “stimulate” the economy. 


  1. As long as you still have companies who pay out multi-million dollar bonuses to executives that have ran the company into the ground and beg for our tax dollars, you won’t get a lot of sympathy for larger businesses from the rank and file. How the phenomena of bonuses to losers happens in big business is beyond me and most people.

    Small businesses are where the real growth is anyway and where any efforts to stimulate the economy should be focused. GM isn’t going to create new jobs, they’re just going to suck more money in to pay for their poor performance. We’d be better off giving the money we gave to GM to a company that doesn’t need it in a growth industry.

    But those types of companies tend to not have a welfare class of workers who belong to a Union that votes however the democratic party tells them to.

  2. Just curious how you think Obama is taking your money away from you small business. Having owned a small business of consequence for some years, I haven’t noticed my budget declining because of him. No new taxes etc during his year in office. So what’s your beef?

  3. I just watched your video on FOX News and we’re curious about anything that has developed from that issue. It didn’t look like you got your fair share of time on that “lively discussion”.

    1. We’re actually getting the legislation passed that we wanted – in the Indiana House we’ve had a bill pass with a large bipartisan majority to close access to the permit database.

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