Assault on the middle class

As I drove to the office today, the news guy was talking about El Presidente was convening some sort of “middle class crisis council” or some such to address how the “assualt on the middle class”.

I suppose that no one is more qualified than the President to address how to stop said assault…because he’s friggin’ responsible for it.  You want to stop the erosion of the American dream?  STOP TAKING SO MUCH OF MY MONEY.


  1. Might not be the best idea using the term “El Presidente” to describe our president. I know what it means in Spanish, but I also know what it means in gamerfag, and I also know you’re not Spanish.

  2. Stop taking so much of my money

    Three Cheers and a Tiger!

    It is difficult being a businessman. It is tougher still doing it in Chicago.


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