1. I don’t know about you, but I’d buy a Todd Jarrett made 1911.

    Yes, but will you be able to shoot it with only one arm and one leg…?

  2. Not to be the buzz kill here but, we all agree Todd is a great shooter, a great guy and we can all learn a lot about him. BUT what does he know about manufacturing? Does he even tune his own guns now? Anyway I am not a huge 1911 guy anyway so I will watch from a far.

    1. Mike, most of the top shooters work a lot on their own guns. As far as Todd’s eventual pistol company, I’m sure he’s got no shortage of fabricating experts eager to work for him.

      Plus, it’s not exactly hard to create a semi-custom 1911 from all the parts out there. He wouldn’t need necessarily to create any parts, and I’d sure as hell buy a 1911 that Todd had cleaned up…oh wait, I already did.

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