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Seems like a big theme this year is “little guns”.  Everyone is doing a compact carry gun of various types; Taurus is dropping polymer revolvers all over the place, S&W has their new Bodyguard guns, it’s crazy.  But it’s also a good thing, because it shows that the market is paying attention to concealed carry as a legitimate revenue stream.  I remember when the LCP first came out, and there were plenty of people that were skeptical of the selling power of the little .380 – I would say that it’s proven itself pretty solidly.

Out of everything at SHOT though, I’m most interested in Smith & Wesson’s Bodyguard lineup of pistols.  S&W is taking a big step by offering a pistol with an integrated laser, and their J-frame Bodyguard is a pretty radical departure from what we’re used to seeing in defensive revolvers.  I think it’s cool, mind you – but it remains to be seen how well it’s going to sell.  People that carry J-frames tend to be a little bit more traditional, so I’m very intersted to see how well this radical departure from the traditional pistol is going to do.

Tomorrow we’ll take a harder look at the new carry revolvers from Taurus, including words I thought I’d never type: the Polymer framed Judge.


  1. The Bodyguards look pretty sweet, but with the integrated lasers I can’t imagine that they’ll be priced competitively with similar firearms (at least Ruger gives you the option). Any word on whether S&W will offer these with and w/o the laser?

  2. MSRP on my LCP is $367
    MSRP on Crimson Trace is $209
    So LCP with a Crimson Trace, grip activated laser is MSRP at $576.

    What is the MSRP on the S&W .380?

    I like the grip activated function of the CT laser better than the push a button activation of the Insight. The Insight is also larger and heavier than the LCP. However, the S&W does have a slide stop and a safety (which the LCP does not) as well as larger sights than the LCP.

  3. … the Polymer framed Judge

    Looking forward to it… I have to admit – the whacky engineer bouncing around in my head more than perked up at reading that particular phrase a few days back. The gun is probably borderline useless and an answer to a question that never needed to be asked, but for some reason, I want it.

    Of course, I also want a Mateba, and a Webley-Fosbury, so it could just be a continuation of “crazy-assed funktacular revolvers”…

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