New Smith & Wesson revolvers

For 2010, Smith & Wesson has addes several new revolvers to their Performance Center and Pro Series line up of firearms.

First up are the Performance Center revolvers, one of which I’m very excited about.

  • Model 627: 8-shot .357 Magnum, cut for moonclips with a 2-5/8ths inch barrel.
  • Model 657: 6 shot .41 Magnum with a 2-5/8ths inch barrel
  • Model 629: 6 shot .44 Magnum, unfluted cylinder, 2-5/8ths inch barrel
  • Model 625: 6 shot .45 ACP, cut for moonclips, Miculek style grips, chamfered charge holes, 4 inch barrel. 

The new PC revolvers look pretty cool, I have to say.  Because I shoot a 625 in IDPA and USPSA, I’m most excited about the 625, because it looks like it’s built from the ground up to be a killer race gun for the shooting sports.  Click on the image for the full size chart of the new S&W Performance Center Revolvers.

Also new from Smith & Wesson in 2010 are several new Pro Series revolvers, including some new J-frames that look like they’re going to have a lot of appeal to competitive shooters that also carry a J-frame for personal defense.

  • Model 442: J-frame, 1-7/8ths inch barrel, .38 Special +P, 5 shot cylinder cut for moonclips. 
  • Model 642: J-frame, 1-7/8ths inch barrel, .38 Special +P, 5 shot cylinder cut for moonclips
  • Model 640: J-frame, 2-1/8ths inch barrel, .357 Magnum, 5 shot cylinder cut for moonclips
  • Model 632: .327 Federal Magnum, J-Frame, 6 shot cylinder, night sights
  • Model 640: J-frame, 2-1/8ths inch barrel, 5 shot cylinder cut for moonclips, night sights
  • Model 686+: L-frame, 5 inch barrel, chamfered charge holes, 7 shot cylinder cut for moonclips, interchangeble front sight.

Shockingly enough, my favorite of those would also be the 686+.  It’s another revolver built from the ground up for competition shooters, with a 5 inch barrel and patridge front sight that will allow someone to buy it off the shelf and immediately be competitive in ICORE’s limited division, Revolver Division at Steel Challenge, or Bianchi Cup Production Division.

Lots of good stuff from S&W in 2010 – these revolvers look great, and I’m excited to see them hit shelves in the upcoming months!


  1. I don’t get the point of the short barrel Performance Center guns. Of course that may be because the only people I talk to who buy new non-J-frame revolvers are competition shooters.

  2. So. Freaking. Cool!!!! When I bought my first 586, I was really hoping that I could find a Bloodwork 627. Unfortunately, they proved to be rare as hen’s teeth.

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