SHOT SHOW kicks off!

While the show itself doesn’t officially start until Tuesday morning, today is “media day” at the range, where a host of manufacturers and companies host writers, radio, and TV to get an exclusive first look and some trigger time with some of the new products.

Our good friend Steve at the Firearm Blog is on the show floor this year, and he’s promised to feed us some information on the new M&Ps from Smith & Wesson as well as a couple of other surprise items.  Additionally, on tomorrow night’s Gun Nuts Radio (live at 9pm eastern time at we’re going to have representatives from Crimson Trace, as well as ToddG of Pistol-Training.Com to give us an inside look at what’s going on at this year’s show.

Finally, if you’re at SHOT, whether you’re a manufacturer, writer, or just some guy wandering the show, if you have an item, a story, or something that you’d like to get in front of our regular readers, just send an email to me at [email protected] with the header “SHOT SHOW” and I’ll get it up on the blog!

2010 should be a great show as manufacturers bring an increasing number of new and exciting products to the floor while competing for an ever tightening marketshare.  The items I’m most interested in are as follows:

  • New Pro Series M&P Pistols from Smith & Wesson
  • The M&P-22 pistol from Smith & Wesson
  • New products from Crimson Trace (which we’ll be discussing live tomorrow night on Gun Nuts Radio)
  • Those little surprises that you never see coming

All of our SHOT SHOW coverage past and present can be found by following the category tab that these posts are under!


    1. No links yet, but our sooperseekrit inside source at the show should have some info on it on tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio!

  1. I’ll try to listen live if I can tear myself away from election returns long enough.

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