1. I’m trying to simplify…I have three ARs and I just don’t need that many. The DDXV is a great gun, and we’ll continue to carry Daniel Defense’s advertising on Gun Nuts Radio.

  1. That’s not just a JetFire, it’s a part of internet history! Shouldn’t you sell it as a signed one-of-a-kind commemorative museum piece?

  2. Kinda surprised your selling the Jetfire most guys develop an attachment to a gun once you have used it in self defense. Anyway its your gun and guns really are just tools so you replaced it with a better tool so I see nothing wrong with the trade up.

  3. I’m surprised you’re selling the Jetfire. If it wasn’t for the awful laws here in MA, I’d be sorely tempted to buy it as a piece of internet history.

    1. As much as I like the Jetfire, a model 60 (what I have now) is just a better platform. Yes I give up 4 rounds of ammo, but 5 rounds of .38 Special +P is an upgrade from 9 rounds of .25 ACP as far as I’m concerned.

  4. I don’t think anyone is disputing that a j-frame is better than a jetfire. The thing people are questioning is your lack of personal attachment to this *particular* jetfire.

  5. Damn, I just saw that you were selling it this afternoon. I was just coming back on to e-mail you to find our what the pre-auction price was. Oh well.

  6. I’m very glad you upgraded your pocket gun.

    As to selling guns, I always hate letting go of a good gun.

  7. As much as I like the Jetfire, a model 60 (what I have now) is just a better platform.

    A 60? I never really thought of a tiny alloy-framed .25 and an all-steel .357 as really filling the same niche. Do you pocket carry the all-steel J-magnum?

    1. Don’t know, still shopping good j-frame pocket holsters. I might not need to, since it carries IWB a lot better than anything else I’ve owned.

  8. Caleb,
    You might look at the LFI holsters from Ted Blocker. I bought several from Ayoob’s mail order store back in the early 90’s. Gone through several belts over the years, but the holsters are still going strong. Appears the LFI stores no longer carry holsters, but you can order from the maker directly.
    When I ordered in black, the holster had a short velcro tab, to go with the narrow dress belts. If I had known that, I would have ordered that holster in brown. Maybe that could be specified now. ( the more you rotate the holster, the less tab area remains in contact with the belt- I use an FBI angle for best concealment due to my build)


  9. >j-frame pocket holsters.

    Mika, except last I heard the Great 0bama Gun Buying Tsunami has swamped him. I’ve got a DeSantis nylon j frame pocket holster you can have, for free (I don’t care for it).

  10. Caleb, I’m smaller in stature as you are, and haven’t found a truly good pocket carry for a j-frame — but with an El Paso Saddlery c-force holster, my j-frames are a pleasure to carry, and don’t print, even with a tight tee-shirt.

  11. Yeah, that’s the thing.

    While the alloy J’s can go in a pocket, the steel J’s (especially those with tubes longer than 2″) are generally too heavy, and need to go in a belt holster or ankle rig. And if I’m going to carry it in a belt holster, then I may as well go with a 3″ K and get an extra shot and a better trigger. At least that’s my way of thinking…

  12. I am discovering that the Model 60 is a nice little belt gun, actually.

    Which means that I’m going to end up with that, and an airlite gun for pocket carry.

  13. With a Hogue Bantam grip, my Model 60 literally disappears on the belt in a way that I could never get out of my Model 65. When you’re 5’7, 130 and leaning towards “metrosexual” (e.g. tighter fitting) fashion concealing a K-frame is actually a little bit of a challenge.

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