FNH USA adds to their shooting team

From FNH’s press release:

(McLean, Va.) January 13, 2010. The FNH Shooting Team roster has been bumped up to a total of seven members, including Tommy Thacker and Ken Pfau of FNH USA; sponsored shooters, Tasha Hanish, Mark Hanish; and new members, Dianna Liedorff, Dave Neth, and Larry Houck.

Liedorff is a 17-year veteran with the Tulsa Police Department and was proud to win the Tactical Optics (Lady) division at the 2009 Ft. Benning Three-Gun Challenge. She hopes to add three more major matches to her schedule in 2010. “I have always looked at competitive shooting as “practice” for skills I may need at work,” Liedorff said.

FNH has always fielded an incredibly good 3-gun team, and it looks like with some of these new additions they may be branching out into the “pistol only” games. Good luck to all of their new members!


  1. Hmmm, small world. I shot against Dianna in Tulsa last year and use to shoot with her Dad on a regular basis.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t I seen Team FNH running 1911s in some of their action pistol shooting?

    If so does FNH make these guns?

  3. No, they’re probably running STIs like everyone else on the planet. FNH focuses primarily on the rifle/shotgun side of 3-gun shooting.

  4. Cool, thanks for the info. Besides the goofy safety/decocker I’d think the FNP-45 or similar might make an interesting competition gun….y’know since they aren’t selling guns for STI

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