Gun Nuts Last Night: Rep. Mike Murphy and Marko

What a show we had last night, especially for those of you that enjoy the political stuff.  We were pleased to welcome State Representative Mike Murphy of Indianapolis to the show for the first half of the show.  We had a great discussion on the bills that are in the Indiana General Assembly this year that will have a positive impact on gun owners in the state.  The primary focus was on Rep. Murphy’s bill, which is House Bill 1219.  This bill would limit access to the handgun permit database to law enforcement only, preventing what occured with the Bloomington paper and the Indy Star from happening again.  Also, Representative Murphy talked a bit about his bid for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District…which happens to be my district, so you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be voting for him.  If you’d like to listen to all of last night’s excellent show, click here.  Here is the .mp3 copy.

After Rep. Murphy, we welcomed Marko, the Munchkin Wrangler himself to the show as our featured blogger of the week.  Marko was great, as he usually is, talking about his upcoming novel, raising children in a house with guns, as well as one of his best posts ever, “Why the Gun is Civilization“.

To hear Marko’s great appearance, just click here for last night’s Gun Nuts Radio.  The show is also available, as always, on Gun Nuts Host - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed by clicking the button!

Thanks again to our great guests, and all the listeners that took advantage of our new TalkBack Email box at [email protected]. Next week’s show is going to be great, as we’ll be talking about the new products launched at SHOT SHOW! Be here at 9pm Eastern next Tuesday for your inside scoop on SHOT!

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  1. I would suggest an exception to “(m)(2) aggregate information concerning…” for streets or other geographical regions with fewer than a certain number of residences. For example, if somebody can request “aggregate” information for the intersection of a State Representative district, a State Senate district, a Congressional district, and a zip code and such intersection only has a handful of residences, then a bad guy can make educated guesses about who might or might not own guns. If the intersection only has 1 residence, then that’s exactly the same for that resident as explicitly being identified.

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