Sig Sauer announces new ergonomic pistols

EXETER, NH (January 2010) – SIG SAUER, Inc., the leading manufacturer of commercial, law enforcement, and military firearms, has introduced the E² Enhanced Ergonomics versions of the benchmark P226 & P229 series of pistols. The SIG SAUER E² models provide improved handling for a wider range of shooters than ever before in two of the most popular SIG handgun platforms.

These should be on display at the 2010 SHOT SHOW.  More from Sig’s press release:

The E² Enhanced Ergonomics P226 & P229 are currently available in 9mm with Nitron finish and SIGLITE Night Sights. Both models ship in a hard carry case with three 15-round magazines and have an MSRP of $1,149.00. For more information, log on to

Three 15-round magazines?  Sign me up!  It’s too bad that the price is almost $1200, as that puts these out of the range of a lot of people looking for an affordable defensive handgun.  Still, the new gun is pretty cool looking.

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  1. I’m still made Sig is dropping/has dropped the SP2022. One of the best guns they made and in that crucial 500$ range. Seems like all the Sig owners love it so much more than the new P250. Mine shoots like a dream, but I’d love to get another one.

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