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Received via long form text from a friend:

My name is Jorge Su?rez, from Venezuela , and I?m IDPA Safety Officer Instructor. If you have attended any National Championship last years, surely you saw me helping in a stage. Else, nice to meet you.
I?m working very hard to create IDPA in different countries around the world, specifically in Latin America , and running some matches there. Due this, I want invite you to attend our next matches:

Brazilian Match: it will be held on Belo Horizonte , Brazil , and it?s coordinated by CBTD (Defensive Shooting Brazilian Confederation, in English). This 2-days match will be the first IDPA match in this country. Dates: March 13 & 14, 2010. This is not an IDPA sanctioned match. Information: (Mr. Sergio Bitencourt)

1st. Costa Rica International Match: a major and IDPA sanctioned match (see during 3 days: April 2, 3 & 4, 2010, in Costa Rica , a special country.. You can find a lot of information in English about this match. See (Mr. Alberto Soto)

I’m sending this information to you, as club contact, and I beg you that inform all your members and shooters who want to attend this exciting matches, and get the chance to visit this very beautiful countries. All coordinators in this countries have many information about tourism in this area, including beaches, volcanos, jungle, historic places, and many more.

Please, send this information to all IDPA shooter that you know. Any kind of information, just write me an email to: [email protected]

Take care.

Jorge Surez

Shooting sports in Venezuela? Awesome.


  1. Venzuela – the one that just devalued it’s currency by 50%?

    And we think ammo prices suck in the US right now?

  2. Venezuela? Pugsleyland? Not. That little sawed off bastardo or any one of his multitude of minions might take a liking to my firearm, and uh, “Nationalize” it………

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