Jerry Miculek practical rifle shooting DVD

Brownells has made a practical rifle shooting DVD, featuring the one and only Jerry Miculek. A lot of people don’t know that in addition to being the Revolver God, Jerry is a multi-time 3-gun National Champion, and has won countless “Outlaw” 3-gun matches as well.

The DVD will be available at Brownell’s website, the stock number is going to be 100-004-974, as well as Jerry’s website which is at  According to the Brownells press release, the DVD will cover everything from setting up your rifle to stance, grip, trigger control; and all the way up to advanced shooting techniques.  If you are an AR15 shooter, trust me, there is something in this DVD for you.  Regardless of whether you run that AR for competition, home defense, hunting, or just to upset Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Miculek is someone to learn from.

As an aside, I actually starting doing the hands-forward grip on my carbines after watching a Jerry Miculek rifle protip on ShootingUSA where he demonstrated the grip.  Since then, I’ve been getting faster and faster, and I haven’t looked back to the “Modern Technique” grip.