2010 Shooting Goals

In 2009, I set goals for myself for my shooting sports accomplishments.  Some of those goals were realistic, and some of them quite aptly demonstrate how unfocused I was in my goals in the shooting sports.  To put it mildly, very, very unfocused.  With that painful lesson in mind about setting realistic goals, here are my goals for 2010 which hopefully are a bit more realistic and focused than I was in 2009.

  • Shoot Master class in IDPA Enhanced Service Revolver division.

Right now, I’m Expert Class.  The last time I shot the qualifier, I missed Master by about 10 seconds, but there are places in that qualifier where I could easily shave that time in points or penalties.

  • Break 1600 in Bianchi Cup and/or finish in the Top 10 in Production Division.

Again, this is another goal that I’m right on the cusp of.  With limited practice and training time, I shot a 1458 last year, and finished in the Top 20 at Bianchi Cup.  I feel like focusing and practicing will allow me to improve on that finish if I actually dedicate some significant range time to preparing for The Cup.

  • Defend my Indiana State Steel Challenge Revolver Division title.

That one pretty much explains itself.

  • Win the Indiana State IDPA State Championship outright in Enhanced Service Revolver division.

Last year, I won my class/division, ESR Expert, but lost the overall division crown to a shooter that just plain outshot me.  Not this year.  My goal this year is to win the whole thing.

  • Shoot more USPSA revolver stuff
  • Improve my classification in ICORE Limited division to A-class.

I was overly ambitious with my goals last year.  Unfortunately, I let my eyes get bigger than my stomach in terms of the matches I wanted to shoot and things I wanted to do.  This year, the focus is on being realistic.  I want to set manageable goals, and I also don’t want to kill myself trying to make it to every major match in the country, all while trying to hold down a real job, a marriage, and some kind of life outside of the shooting sports.


  1. Good luck, I’d like to start seeing pictures of you in obnoxiously colored silks when the corporate big-wigs are begging you to join the team.

    Also with all this wheelie work, maybe it would be nice to replace that little .25 in your pocket with a J-frame, or the more gamerfag LCR.

    Yeah I know a .25 in your pocket is better than the .38 Super in your gun safe at home.

    But a .38 in you pocket is better than the .25 in your pocket.

    Goes double if you’re logging so much time with DA wheelies.

  2. Actually, I’ve been planning on ditching the .25 in favor of a DA wheelgun, if for no other reason than it would make all of my platforms, from my main carry to my competition gun to my backup gun all the same in terms of function and muscle memory.

  3. There’s still time to meet last years goal of shooting the 2010 IDPA Winter Nationals. There are still 6 slots for Thursday.

  4. Caleb, good goals but I gotta say what is it with all your goals being revolver oriented. Come on your a young guy with a military background, I would expect to see nothing less than high speed low drag ninja warrior type stuff coming from you. Well of course I am mostly kidding here. These goals are all good ones and being that my goal is just to shoot my first IDPA match your somebody who’s opinion I due value.

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