Rob Russell is staying classy

Rob Russell, a Democrat candidate for the House of Representatives from Tennessee in 2008 (who lost, btw) seems to think it’s okay to threaten physical violence against people.  Quoth said Democrat:

Send me your home address and I’ll come to your house and punch your f***ing face in. Unless you are a pussy who can’t fight without a gun in his hand.

You stay classy, Rob Russell.

Oh hey, he has a blog! That’s neat.

Update: I crack myself up:


  1. Also I’m amused how his wife seems to think that we need 17 years of paramilitary training and 7 confirmed kills BEFORE we can be allowed to carry a gun….but her hubby threatening to pound on people for their political belifs:
    “Ok, a boxing match, then. I’m not immature, I just like hitting conservative assholes.”

    and talking about his physical prowess along with the treats:
    “I don’t need to own a gun for personal or family protection: I’m a big dude; I took Karate; I played football; I’ve broken noses and split skulls when the situation called for it….In several of my comments, I made derogatory remarks directed at the trolls. I said some nasty stuff. Some colorful language was used. I stand by that language. I also stand by my offer to face them one on one and punch these idiots in their faces. That’s how I roll.”

    That’s totally Ok….just don’t assault people with a GUN!

    There’s a front page story here in Boston about a monster who raped a baby with a hot curling iron… this logic it should be OK, because he didn’t use his penis!

    This guy is a Goatse-level asshole!

  2. ” The ubiquity of guns in our society makes every situation — no matter what side of it you are on — much more dangerous.” -Rob Russell

    Only if you run around threatening to “Split some Skulls” ……… especially if the skulls you are threatening to split are “Conservative Assholes”.

    Darwin, Baby.

  3. I thought for a brief moment that maybe I should direct Mr. Russell to Marko’s “Why the Gun is Civilization”, but I think that this guy pines for a simpler, more Medieval time, when big strong bullies like himself ruled the roost……

  4. Yeah Rob wants the world filled with unarmed and spineless pacifists so he can rule the world with his pudgy Iron fists.

    That’s the standard Authoritarian dream. Either they want to be ruled over so they won’t have to do anything but eat candy and watch sports…or they think Pol Pot and Stalin lived a charmed life.

  5. “Razor-wire looks strangely pretty in the December moonlight. It’s like tinsel, but sharper.”- Rob R.

    ….. yep, Weer’d, you hit that right on the head with that “Authoritarian Dream” ……. the fact that he aspires to political office frightens me.

  6. Jimbo – I made essentially the same comment on Rob’s blog.

    He edited my comment into something stupid. Not only is he violent, he’s also cowardly and very childish. I am not the least bit surprised.

  7. Wow JimBob I hadn’t thought of it that way when I read that post.

    And that’s why I have guns, so I never have to admire Razor-wire in the December Moonlight.

  8. God, he even looks like a th- er, jock. Plays electric guitar, too. Also he’s a moonbat Demonrat. So he belongs to all three of the non-heritable classes of people I most despise in the world.

  9. First and fore-most, NEVER threaten someone on the internet, as it will come back to haunt you.

    Secondly, there is always going to be someone out there that you challenge to a fight and he/she/it will tear you a new one before you have a chance to even flinch. This ass-clown is asking for it… one day, he will likely receive that calling from someone who cares less about their future and lives for the moment.

    Lastly, he wife is a D-bag as well. I see her as the reason there are so many jokes about lawyers. He wants to defend that, fine with me. But, she is still a whiny little lawyer.

    And he acts so surprised he lost his bid for the congressional seat.

  10. Apart from adding, “So vote for him!” under the second line, the poster is damned near perfect, and with it, you definitely win the internets for today.

    I really have to wonder how he would have handled disagreements in Congress… I mean, I almost would prefer it if our duly-elected Representatives felt strongly enough about their causes to go to fisticuffs over them, but given the non-existent slight he flew off the handle over, the House Bailiff would never have a dull moment…

  11. “I really have to wonder how he would have handled disagreements in Congress.”

    Probably by shitting his pants and backing down.

    Of the tough guys I’ve personally known, it seems that the louder they talk about how tough they are in inversely proportional to how well they can handle themselves when things go bad.

  12. “You should really be in charge of his next political campaign.”

    I say if this guy runs for office again, we all “help” him campaign. You know, have signs made up with his inspirational messages and march in support of him.

    Hey, maybe we can get the local karate senseis to endorse him!

  13. Aw, he’s pretty much toothless, really. I was looking forward to having him stuff my comments into his kaleidoscope and now he prolly won’t.

    OTOH, IMO, YMMV, best thing to do with an Internet bully is let him rave — and that goes all ’round.

  14. Sorry about that, Caleb. Hell, I actually ran track for a year in high school, before I figured out that a 29″ inseam just doesn’t cut it there. That and the weightlifting got me into good shape, though. Yeah, I shoulda been a wrassler.

    I reckon I should have said, he reminds me of the _bad_ kind, which we really didn’t have in my high school (everybody expected to be gentlemen, FCA membership encouraged).

    I have seen some of the bad kind later, and they look like that guy. And seem to spend more time in the bar than on the field.

    On the electric guitars, I’ll not yield. A nice acoustic guitar, if you can read music and play Bach on it, is almost acceptable. Sort of. I’m not even too sure about _non_-fretted string instruments.

    I got back from Divine Services a while ago. I approve wholeheartedly of the doctrine elaborated there, and the order of service, and the other congregants, but I have to wear earplugs so as not to get hoppin’mad- unChristianly angry because of the electrically amplified bad modern music. The chicks and the kids seem to like that stuff, but I don’t. I have offered to repair their mixing board with a fire axe, but my offer was turned down.

  15. So, if he’s got martial arts training, then wouldn’t him punching you in the face constitute “assault with a deadly weapon?”

  16. I’d go easy on the wife – she seems reasonable, if dopey.

    Rob Russell’s an asshole, though.

    Justthisguy, it seems like you’ve got a few issues to work out.

    Wai, no, it wouldn’t.

  17. I’m totally impressed.

    If I give Robby my home address, will he be able to waddle himself up my front steps without stopping to rest? Or should I plan to meet him in the front yard?

  18. Kind of rule one in a self-defense claim is that you can only use knowledge you had at the time. If someone punches you, that is assault; if someone known to be trained in martial arts punches you, that is a deadly force attack.

    On top of everything else this person is none too bright – he has just informed the world he is a trained practitioner of, and willing to employ violence in a confrontation.

    I know every encounter is unique, but the possibility of being in an inescapable confrontation with a large, angry, trained, violent person is why this old, flabby, desk worker has a CHL.

    Prosecutor: How did you know he represented a deadly threat?

    Defendant: He volunteered the information in writing prior to our meeting.

    Prosecutor: Oh.

  19. So, he has a belt in Karate? Whoop-de-frikkin-doo.

    Tam is a transendental mistress in the inscrutable art of Snark Fu, with powers far beyond those possessed by we mortals with our puny katas learned in the dojo.

    I’d put my money on Tam. She’d eviscerate him with but a quip.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  20. Bob did a very good job of arguing his point to Mr Russell’s wife. As for Mr Russell’s threat. If it had been directed towards myself, i would have posted my address, and had the sheriffs waiting to arrest him. His Southern Female Lawyer wife would be defending him from felony threatening a public official, and trespassing. Bob raised a good point asking what type of law she practices, obviously it is not defense, and not prosecution. She was right to delete his threatening post, but he should consult her before making any other posts that could be seen as threats.

    The Right to Carry Mayor
    Joel Stoner
    City of Macks Creek, MO

  21. Reminds me of something from Michael Bane:

    Michael’s Universal Law of Dangerous People, to wit, any person who has to tell you he or she is dangerous isn’t. If that person tells you he or she is dangerous 3 or more times, Alf the Wonder Beagle can take ’em.

  22. Weer’d – I think if I’d been running around the internet threatening people I’d try to erase my tracks when called out.

    Unfortunately for Rob Russell the internet is forever.

  23. DirtCrashr,

    Great, now I’m thinking of the Igli fight scene from Heinlein’s Glory Road. . .

    But I don’t wanna be a mathematician! Toe jam smells.

  24. Question!
    If I give Rob R my addy and he responds…..
    Is it still assault?
    I mean I used to teach lil’ girls to be mean back in them there South Hill Rapist scare days.
    I was a badass 20 years ago.
    I didn’t bother telling the cops of my training when that kid assaulted me.

    I guess he could punch me in the snoot a couple times.
    I love it when they do that! I shout “My Turn!” then go to town on them.

    Course CHL packin’ has mellowed me out a mite!

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