New Ruger Blackhawk in .327 Federal

The next new gun from Ruger is the .327 Federal Magnum Blackhawk – this is a single action revolver on their Blackhawk frame in the new-ish .327 Federal cartridge.  What sets this apart from other Blackhawk revolvers is the capacity: 8 rounds of firepower with a 5.5 inch barrel make the new Blackhawk a great idea for a backpacking or small game gun.

The New Model Blackhawk in .327 Federal Magnum has a 5-1/2″ barrel and overall length of 11.38″. It weighs 48 oz., holds eight rounds, and features a fully adjustable rear sight and a stainless steel finish. New Model Blackhawk revolvers have earned a reputation as the best value on the market due to their durability and affordability, and this new .327 Federal Magnum variation only compliments this already extensive family of single-action revolvers.

Personally, I’m excited about the new offerings in .327 Federal.  I have a weird and unrequited love for .32 caliber pistol cartridges, so it’s nice to see that Ruger is getting behind their product offering in .327 and fully supporting it both as a defensive and hunting cartridge.  There are rumors of a new load being developed for the .327 that will push the ballistics to “near .30 Carbine” levels.

As usual, I recieved no promotional considerations from Ruger.


  1. Should have made one in BLUE with white/ivory grips with the 4 5/8″ barrel.

    Overall, I think the 327 FED is overdue, but, that’s just my opinion.

    The 327FED is a better “short magnum” than 38spl +P was to be. Small frame guns can carry 6 rounds easily and larger frames can go 7 or 8. and with a 125gr JHP or JSP, your getting better than 38spl performance.

    Compare this to the 45GAP disaster from Glock, you quickly realize that Ruger is much better at listening than talking to their customers like Glock.

  2. I’ve owned a Blackhawk in .30Carbine for a number of years. The cartridge runs a little lower pressure than .327Fed, and the headspace can be tricky with reloads. I’d figure what works for one should work ok for the other, but I’ve got a couple of loads that are on the scary side for my Blackhawk that will kill every mosquito within 50 feet on a humid day.

    Both should be equal as far as hogs and ‘yotes from fairly close.


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