Here we go again

If you go to Ruger’s front page, you’ll see the big ticking countdown clock…again.  Same thing they did with the SR-556.  Smart money’s on a 1911, but let’s do some guessing, shall we?  Vote in the poll below for what you think Ruger’s latest and greatest firearm is going to be!


  1. 4. Baby Nambu in 9mm
    5. Baby Nambu in .25 ACP
    6. M-14 in .50 BMG
    7. M-14 in .22 LR
    8. Factory-Rooney’d 10/22 with Picatinny-rail-mounted black tactical clown shoes and bicycle horn.

  2. didnt they already say somewhere that they were doing a 1911??

    why cant i find a link or soundbite when i need it

  3. The Firearms Blog has a few big hints.

    – Some kind of new single-action revolver (They’re guessing in .22LR)

    – 20 round mags for the Mini-30

    – Two-tone LCP’s

    Michael Bane mentioned on one of his podcasts that he didn’t see hide nor hair of a 1911 production line the last time he went thru their factory. Not sure if that’s misdirection or not, but Ruger is using some lessons from Apple’s playbook when it comes to hyping new products.

  4. Well, the diamond-plate background and heavy metal lettering suggests that whatever is coming will be all tacticool and have 17 rails on it and come in black, dark earth and olive drab. 🙂

  5. A Charger type “handgun” made from a short barrel Mini-30.

    I voted SR-40, because it would seem to be a fairly easy change, but the real answer is “****, I don’t know.”

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