New season of Shooting Gallery!

Tonight is going to be a pretty awesome night, actually.  If you get the Outdoor Life Channel, their “Wednesday Night at the Range” lineup is really kicking itself into gear tonight with the first episode of Season 10 of Shooting Gallery, as well as the premier of SWAT TV, which is hosted by our friend Rob Pincus.  I’m really excited about both of these shows, actually.  Season 10 of Shooting Gallery promises to bring all the stuff you’ve come to enjoy about Shooting Gallery, as well as new guests, new topics, and of course guns, guns, GUNS!

So if you get the Outdoor Channel, make sure to set your DVRs, get out your VHS, and check out Wednesday Night at the Range.  It’s not just Shooting Gallery or SWAT TV, but a whole lineup of great shows including The Best Defense, Cowboys, and ShootingUSA.