Gander Mountain updates online gun sales

Back in June, I noted that Gander Mountain now allows you to purchase firearms online by letting you go to their online firearms site and order whatever guns are available.  At the time, guns ordered via Gander Mtn had to be shipped to your closest Gander Mountain store, which presented a problem for shooters looking to take advantage of the deal who didn’t have a Goose Hill close enough to them.

That’s changed now, as Gander Mountain will now ship a firearm ordered from Gander Online to your friendly neighborhood FFL dealer!  From their website:

You may reside in a state where there is no Gander Mountain store. If so, there’s no need to worry. The second way to receive an online-purchased firearm is to use a local Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, known as an FFL dealer. The local FFL dealer receives the firearm; you complete the needed government paper work to satisfy all Federal, State, and local laws concerning the transfer of firearms with that local dealer; and they transfer the firearm into your possession.

Gander Mountain can help you find a local FFL dealer willing to provide this firearm transfer service. Simply call our Sales Associates at 1-888-5GANDER (1-888-542-6337), and they will gladly assist you. Please be aware that these dealers, at their discretion, may charge a transfer fee. If you already have a local dealer that you have previously used for firearms transfers, we will be happy to utilize them. Please work with our Sales Associates to get them set up in our system. After the selected FFL dealer receives your firearm, you will be notified that the firearm has arrived.

The one downside to this is that Gander Mountain doesn’t always have the best prices on guns – you can often find better deals on some guns at your local gun shop. Where this turns into a great service (and why I support it wholeheartedly) is because it gives you access to more guns than your local dealer may have in stock. With services like this, or Davidson’s Gallery of Guns Genie, it allows the end users, the shooters, to have much more direct access over the guns we buy. Instead of going to the store and hoping that they have the particular tactiblaster that you’re looking for, you can hop online, order the gun, and have it shipped to Gander Mountain or your local FFL dealer. What could be better?


  1. I bought my new CZP01 from budsgunshop dot com. Great price and super smooth transaction. My local dealer was about to castigate me for not coming to him until I told him what I paid. He just said, “Oh, that’s a good price.” The money I saved on taxes alone more than covered the transfer fee.

  2. i love gander mountain, but my funds are limited so do not get to buy often any more but my sone more than makes up for it…lol

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