No clear national policy?

The new Director of Public Safety for Indianapolis is an import from New York city, and he’s also apparently illiterate. Why do I say that?Because he erroneously believes that there is no clear national policy that governs personal ownership of firearms. Now, I don’t know how they do things in New York, but around here the “national policy” is understood to be “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. It’s also in the Indiana state Constitution, and well establishe in Indiana case law.

Thankfully, Indiana also has preemption, which means that no matter how much our new import-from-New-York whines and cries about it, he cannot pass new gun control for Indianapolis/Marion County without directly violating state law.

I’m not at all pleased with Mayor Ballard right now – at this rate he’s going to end up joining Mayors against Guns or something else stupid. And let’s not forget that Indiana has a spotty track record for allegedly “Republican” mayors going to be major players in national anti-gun organizations.

Shape up, Mayor Ballard.


  1. The second amendment is not a policy statement. A policy statement is how that should or (more likely with the current administration) should not be implemented and enforced.

    The bigger issue is that they just hired a local Public Safety Director who just admitted that he can’t do anything. If you’re a local safety official, you need to figure out how to do your job within the scope of your responsibility, not figure out how to blame the state and feds for your failures.

  2. You could always send him back here to NY. We’re so jaded here that another anti-gun moron wouldn’t even faze us.

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