New Mini-30 in 2010

Neat! In 2010 Ruger is going to be offering the Mini-30 with factory 20 round magazines. From the Ruger blog:

The popular Ruger Mini Thirty® rifle is now available with 20-round magazines. Chambered for 7.62×39, the Mini Thirty is an ideal autoloader for deer-sized game. Featuring the reliable action of the Ruger Mini-14® series of rifles first introduced in 1974, the Mini Thirty is simple, rugged and reliable, hallmarks of all Ruger firearms.

I like the Mini-etc line of rifles, and factory 20 rounders would go a long way towards making the 7.62 version a legit home defense gun.


  1. I’ve had a couple of Mini-30’s…one’s a “minute-of-pie-plate” rifle, the other one left a “group” that looked more like a shotgun pattern at 100 yards. It’s that well-known problem that Ruger chambered ’em for the US-std 7.62×39 size (0.308″ dia) rather than the com-bloc size (0.311″ dia) projectiles. I sold the 2nd one and bought a tack-driving CZ527 in that caliber for my wife’s deer rifle.

    I have yet to find a reliable magazine for the Mini-30 of more than 10 rounds…the aftermarket ones simply don’t function. I haven’t figured out why they can’t make them well enough to simply work. The best I’ve found so far have been the 10-round SST mags from ProMag…at least they feed, and don’t fall out when you shoot from them.

    I’ve been waiting 10 years for Ruger to follow-up on their offering of 20- and 30-round mags for their Mini-14 by offering 20-rounders for the Mini-30. Now it finally looks like it might happen. I’ll bet they sell them out as fast as they make them.

  2. Let’s see if they fix the accuracy thing first. But I’d be interested in one if they do.

  3. You know, I’ve never had a problem with Mini-etc rifle accuracy. I mean, it’s not a 300 yard tackdriver, but for defensive work out to 100 yards it’s perfectly servicable. It fills the same role for me as an M1 carbine, admittedly though the M1 Carbine is a lot sexier.

  4. Just got my mini 30, took it to the range with a box of Wolf military and a box of remington. No problem. Out of 15 rounds of wolf i got 2 rounds off. dont know if it was bad ammo. or what. can someone help me out?

  5. My Ranch Rifle wasn’t too bad as I recall, but I was just whacking pop cans the few times I shot it. I just retrieved it from Ma and Pa NMM1AFan’s a few months ago.

  6. I think they are neat, and I’m glad they are making high cap mags for it, but I have a hard time talking myself in to one. I already have an AK clone and an SKS.

  7. Now if only they’d bump up their 6.8 Ranch Rifle with some 20-round magazines and the SPC-II profile for the barrel and chamber, they’d be set.

  8. Getting rid of my Mini-14 was one of the happiest times of my life. What they didn’t mention about the Mini 30 mags is the cost; they’re probably at least $30 a pop. Simply not worth the cost when the same amount of money will buy a good AK and a metric buttload (the European measurement) of magazines.

  9. About two months ago talked to a guy who had one of the newer Mini-30 rifles, he loved it. And with good ammo was getting 1.5″ groups at 100 yards. Apparently they made some real changes in the barrel from earlier versions.

  10. The mini 30 dose not like the wolf ammo. I shot good groups with it the other day with the factory sights, i dont know if i want to put a scope on it or a red dot, or if any at all.

  11. I bought 5 of the Ruger mini 30 magazines 20 round capacity. Very nice. I left a review on under Texas home town forum.

  12. I called Ruger before I bought my mini-30 due to a lot of the comments about the 0.308 and accuracy issues. They took down their production line several years ago and re-tooled it and fixed the issues that were causing the narrower barrel tolerances. I have sighted mine (purchased post re-tool) and gotten a shot grouping at 100 yds of about 3 or 4 inches. Not bad for 5 shots with iron sights.

  13. Just recieved my order of ammo from ammoman.i ordered rounds for my mini30. they had some egyption ammo on sale. all brass case. went to the range today to try it out, No jams ,no misfires, all fun. i would recomend this ammo to all. the price was good also. was shooting 1.5 groups at 100 yds.with factory sites. not to bad for a old marine.S/F

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