IndyStar gets their database on

Apparently, the IndyStar has had a database of concealed carry permit holders up for quite some time.  Unlike the HTO’s database, the Star’s database only lists the number of permit holders in your particular zip code…but it’s also horridly out of date, as it doesn’t even include the 46037 zip code that was created when 46038 was split into two zip codes.

However, although the IndyStar’s database manages to be less of a public safety risk (but not by much) for gun owners, it also manages to be more insulting than the HTO’s database.  From NRA:

The searchable database of law-abiding carry permit holders is included in the “Public Safety” section of the paper’s website.

The paper seems to believe that it’s a matter of “public safety” for people to know how many permit holders live near them.  Apparently the Star thinks that law-abiding concealed carry permit holders are to be regarded with caution.

You stay classy, IndyStar. Of course, the database does contain neat information for muggers and other criminals looking to target unarmed people: statistics! Each zip code is broken down into demographics, i.e. how many women have permits, how many Asians have permits, etc. For example, in the 46038 zipcode, fully 15% of the permit holders are women.

The IndyStar has been kind enough to provide us with a toll free number though to call and complain: 1-800-669-7827 is their switchboard. Again, the Star is not publishing names or streets, just demographic information with the insinuation that gun owners are a public safety risk, and you should know how many live around you. If you’d like to see the database yourself, click here.


  1. I still say compare zip code by zip code, a chart showing # of permits vs # of violent crimes.

    Is it safer to live in areas of high CCW? Or do people who live in violent zip codes feel more of a need to get CCW?

  2. I might agree with the idea of it being public safety information, if I’m moving to Indiana I can use it to see which zip has the highest carry permit rate and I’ll know which area is safest.

  3. The bad news. They have this database online. The good news almost 20% of the folks in my area have carry permits.


    Might go a ways towards explaining why my neighborhood is nice, quiet and peaceful all the time.

  4. Hell, the State of Tennessee publishes all of that information free of charge, on their own webpage:

    Overall statistics, permit budget and revenue generated, permits issued by gender and age, permits issued and activity by county, permits suspended/revoked/denied by reason, average time of issuance, and issued and activity by ZIP code.

    Of course, all of the data is anonymized, but it is 443 pages of anonymous data.

    Personally, I like the change-by-quarter chart: . Between 1/1/2008 and 10/1/2009, Tennessee went from 191,208 permits to 257,224 permits, with positive growth each year and quarter state-wide. Always good to see the ranks of once-subjects, now-citizens grow.

    Honestly, this kind of data I do not really have a problem with being publicized, especially given that it gratuitously helps our collective cases. And, being the vaguely-numbers-oriented guy I am, it is interesting to crunch them…

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