Gun Nuts Last Night: Fox News & Christmas

Thank God for Gun Nuts Radio.  After a relatively stressful day, last night’s show was the perfect thing for me to unwind, and unwind we did because it was absolutely a great show.  As an fyi, the first 10-15 minutes we had some issues with Breda’s audio, but that got squared away most rickey-tick.  On the show, we obviously talked the appearance on Fox News, but we also had a much lighter topic: Christmas!  Click here to listen to the show, or if you’d like a mobile version click here for the .mp3 format.

One of the things I’d like to reinforce is how utterly ashamed I am of the Herald Times.  The whole time this saga has been going on, the HTO has stood by their database, claiming it has nothing to do with gun control, even though a member of the Brady Campaign defended it for them.  What’s truly interesting though is that when the stakes were raised, the HTO didn’t have the courage to stand by their convictions and defend their database in front of a national audience.  Cowardice is a ugly word, but in this case it’s an apt description.

We then talked about 10 gun nut Christmas gifts – if you’d like to hear both Breda and my full list, check out the show at the links above, or by downloading it from Gun Nuts Host - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed - Gun Nuts Radio: The Next Generation of Shooting | Blog Talk Radio Feed. A couple of the items from my list are available for immediate purchase, including the Gun Nuts 2010 calendar, the ammo from LuckyGunner.Com, and finally the fully customizable tactical coffee mug from The Gun Nuts Store.

We’re going to be taking next week off for the Christmas holiday, so spend time with your families and enjoy your Christmas. We’ll be back in full force on Dec 29th with another pile of awesome for you, so Merry Christmas, everyone!

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