Set your VCRs for AWESOME

Who am I kidding? No one has a VCR anymore. However, whatever device you have for recording TV, set it to record the 7:00am hour of Fox and Friends on the Fox News network on TUESDAY Dec 15. I’ll be appearing opposite a representative of the Herald Times Online to talk about their Indiana Handgun permit database.

Again, the time is Tuesday, Dec 15th in the 7am Eastern time hour. This is a change, we were originally scheduled for Monday, but the segment has been moved to Tuesday morning in the 7am Eastern time hour on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Network.


  1. Congrats, dude. You’ve really showed the newspaper that they cannot attack gun owners’ rights and privacy without paying a price. MSM attention is a big deal.

  2. The phrase I’m looking for… It rhymes with ‘detention snore’.

    No, seriously. Good job. Make sure someone Tivo’s / YouTubes it.

  3. My stupid verizon account isn’t letting me set the recording online right now, so i’m actually gonna have to get my ass up and turn on the tv and set it to record.

    Good luck on the show. Tear it up. Kick some ass.

    I’d watch it live, but I’m usually already at work by then.

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