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I’ve been looking over the application for the America’s Top Shot TV show (which yes I will be trying to get on) and there are a couple of items that made me laugh. The best one is where the application asks you to rate your skill with different guns on a level of 1-5. In the “rifle” category, there are “bolt/lever”, “semi-automatic”, and then “automatic”. But then in the “other” category, you have “assault rifle” and “machine gun”. I had a wry chuckle over that.

That being said, I’m definitely going to apply – the opportunity is too good for me to pass up taking a shot at it!

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  1. The thing that I found odd was that the application states, ‘Rate your marksmanship skill level 1 to 5’ and yet they dont tell you what to base it on. Do we base pistol skills on Todd Jarret and rifle skills on David Tubbs? I doubt it, but the whole application is extremely vague.

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